An Indirect Money Transfer From PayPal To Cash App


Dayen      July 1, 2020   

Send money from PayPal to Cash App has an indirect process involved. From 1998 till today, PayPal is renowned for money transfer across the globe in a specific currency.

Whether you’re looking for reimbursement for a party with friends and family gatherings or you are working as a freelancer for overseas clients, PayPal is the well-known platform for sending or receiving money. However, various transfer apps have placed in the money transfer process. One of this kind is Cash App.

So, few people want to send money from PayPal to Cash App or even cash app to PayPal because of their convenience of using the app. However, a direct process is not prominent so, we have curated an indirect process here with the help of a bank account. You people might have questions related to transfer money from PayPal to Cash App, here we have discussed all such queries.

Here are the most concerned queries:

Can I send money from PayPal to Cash app?

Definitely yes! As we have mentioned that there is no direct process involved, but you can do it via a bank account.

How to send money from PayPal to cash app?

This would be possible through your bank account. Here is the process of transfer money from your PayPal to bank account-

Step1: You have to login to your PayPal Account and click on Transfer Money. “Transfer Money” button is visible on your leftside of the display.

Step2: Click on the transfer to the bank. After that cross-check by mail.

Step3: Enter the amount.

Step4: Recheck your entered information again and then click on Transfer now.

Step5: Open your wallet and click on Done.

Here, the half process has been done on send money from PayPal to Cash app. After adding money to the bank account, PayPal to Cash App money transfer will become easy.

Now it is the time to transfer money to Cash App:

Step1:Open cash app in your device.

Step2: Check your account balance. It would be on the left side of your mobile screen.

Step3: Choose Add Cash and fill the amount you want to add.

Step4: Choose Add. This is the most important part of the process of send money from Paypal to cash app.

Step 5: Fill the PIN or Touch ID for confirmation of the transfer. After that, your money is successfully added to the Cash app.

The cash from your bank account is visible on your Cash App profile after you validate the move. Although the procedure involves a few more measures, the only option to send money from PayPal to Cash App wallet now is via this method.

By reversing the process, from cash app to bank account, your process of transfer cash app to PayPal would be feasible. For this, you need to add money to your bank account from Cash app and then add to PayPal. Cash app to PayPal has the same reverse process.

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