How To Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail?


Dayen      November 21, 2019   

Suppose, you are into a business and you want to forward multiple emails to the group of individuals or a single person then you can use certain tools to get your work done without any interruption and wasting time. For forwarding the numerous emails there is a new multiple email forwarder tool in the Gmail that is widely used in organizations by professionals. If off the chance you don’t know How To Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail then just read this blog as the instruction provided in the blog will for sure help in forwarding the multiple emails via Gmail.

Multiple Forward Emails For Gmail

Using multiple forward tools for Gmail email is safe and secure. Without any doubt, you can close the browser as soon as you click forward emails. You can also select as many emails as you want to forward. We use Forward Multiple Emails when your company has a legal issue and you are required to forward a large number of emails to a lawyer.

  • First of all, go to Gmail sign in
  • Enter your “user name” and “password”
  • Select the email to forward
  • Press the “forward icon” or you can click “forward all emails” in a label or field
  • Enter an “email address”
  • When you click “forward emails”, The recipient will begin receiving the emails which will automatically be saved.


In case you are facing the same issue of multiple transactions then try using this tool in your Gmail. You will be successful at any cost. After a few attempts you are still unable to do so you can look for help by following our blog. we have put all the relevant information that will sort all your issues. If you are not satisfied with any of the information put here then look for help online. For any inquiry or information send your feedback by commenting on the comment section.

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