What are the tips for keeping your Facebook account safe from hacking?


Dayen      September 25, 2020   

Facebook is an outstanding platform from which you can stay in touch with your loved ones and can do multiple activities. From creating a profile to business promotion, everything can be done on FB. All over the world, billions of people are having FB accounts owing to which it is counted in the list of most extensively used social media sites. But, you need to be aware of the hacking that has become common on Facebook. Do you get issues with Facebook accounts being hacked? Are you looking for some technical assistance on this? If yes then you must consider contacting the technical support team any hour of the day.

Important Tips to keep your Facebook account safe

  • First of all, you need to activate the two-factor authentication security feature for your FB account. You will have to add an added layer of security to your FB account.
  • After that, you must avoid logging in from any unknown devices. Also, you must not use any shared device. This can easily create trouble for you for logging out properly. Sometimes, the server could save in your password.
  • In addition to this, you should never auto-save your Facebook password on a computer if it’s a shared or public computer.
  • One of the important things is that you need to turn on the login alerts from Settings from which you can receive notifications every single time your account is logged in from an unknown device.
  • FB users also avoid taking suspicious quizzes on Facebook. You should not give Facebook any access to unknown apps. If you want to see the list of apps that have access to your Facebook, you need to go to Settings and then Apps and websites. You can remove the apps and websites that you don’t want to use or appear suspicious to you.

You can consider talking to the techies of FB customer support for more help on account hacking.

How do Facebook accounts get hacked?

Phishing is one of the reasons or ways that can get your FaceBook account hacked. This can happen when the hacker “fishes” for your FB information. They create an account identical to Facebook’s main page to hack your account. You need to beware of this kind of hacking. If you’ve any confusion then you can get in touch with the technical support team of Facebook.

Can someone hack your Facebook without knowing your password?

Yes, hacking can be done even without knowing the password. So, you must keep your account safe by following some tips.

Can you retrieve a hacked Facebook account?

  • Go to https://www.facebook.com/hacked and then click the button “Your account has been Compromised”.
  • Make sure to enter your email address, username Full, or full name.
  • In this step, you just need to click the reset my password button.
  • Tpa on the link of “no longer have access to these?”.
  • Here, make sure to write your new email address in which you want a password link to reset the password.
  • Follow all the next instructions and you will get your Facebook account back in 24 hours.

For more assistance on Facebook hacked accounts, you can get in touch with the technical experts. Get speedy tech support from them.

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