What to do if Google is not working?


Dayen      November 6, 2020   

Google is a handy search engine that has been used by several people. No matter what you want to search for, you can do it on Google. Google has many features and benefits that one can get from it. Apart from this, you’ll get to use it for emailing, downloading apps, chatting, and many more. There have been instances when Google does not respond or when it doesn’t display results. This happens if your Google not working. If this happens then you will not be able to make use of any of the Google services.

For tackling the Google problems, you need to get in touch with the Google support team. Get the right technical help from them by contacting the helpline number.

Why is my Google Not Working?

Why my Google services and google maps not working? Users always ask these questions when they experience these problems. There can be some servers or technical errors of Google that need the assistance of the technical team to be rectified. Fixing problematic situations is quick and easy with the experts. With Google’s expert guidance, users can get rid of the issues quickly.

Why are my Google services not working?

There are times when users say that my google assistants not working. If this happens then you cannot make use of these services. Google outage can be very annoying at times. Well, these technical problems occur because of internet problems, storage issues, cache problems, etc. You must get in touch with the Google support team to rectify the problems. The techies can make your woes be fixed by providing you with instant solutions of Google calender not working error.

How do you fix Google has stopped working?

An important query that everyone asks is how to fix the google not working problem. Well, for this all that you need to do is to go through these instructions:

Clearing the cache from the Google app will help you to fix the Google app problems.

  • For this, open Settings on your Android phone and then go to the “Apps/Applications Manager” link.
  • Here, you just have to tap on Google that will be seen on the next screen
  • Now, just tap on “Settings” and then click on the option of Apps/Application Manager. From here, tap on “Google”.
  • Then, look for the “Storage” option followed by Clear Cache. Another option that you should try is clearing the data/Storage.

Internet connection

If the problem doesn’t resolve then you can check the internet connection. Google needs a stable and strong internet connection to work and allows you to access Google services. If Google doesn’t work then there is something to do with Wi-Fi and internet connection. For this, you must restart with your modem or switching to mobile data. With this, you can solve the issue of google chrome not working.

Restarting of Google app

  • First of all, just open Settings on your Android phone
  • Go to Apps/Applications Manager.
  • Tap on Google, and then click on Force Stop.

Make sure to ask your technical queries of Google with the professionals for seeking immediate tech support. Call the techies instantly for troubleshooting all your technical Google issues. Try calling the experts for fixing getting rid of the technical errors.

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