How to Fix Roku Error Code 009?


Dayen      February 19, 2020   

What Is Roku Error Code 009?

When the device is not connected with the internet and wifi or when the speed does not come more than the usual speed then ordinarily Roku Error Code 009 flashes on the screen. Sometimes when the set up of the Roku device is not settled correctly then also the error code 009 displays. This error code may affect your work as the sometimes also slows down the device and app speeds. 

Troubleshoot Your Roku Error Code 009

Take the below-mentioned measures to troubleshoot Error Code 009.

Roku Device Setup

Before setting up the Roku device assure, the device is connected with the internet or WiFi. On setting up the Roku you will be able to manage the connection between internet, mobile, PC, Alexa devices, etc. If you don’t know how to set up this device then just follow the steps provided below. Perform while connecting the Roku to an Ethernet port (if accessible).

  • At first, open the account and then after that enter the passcode in the code box.
  • Then examine the wireless connectivity, if established then proceed further.
  • On establishing the connection you will be able to see the wireless connectivity established message.
  • Then after that web broadband service will provide the player equipment and this will access via Router.

If after following the above steps you are not able to resolve the issues then communicate with Internet Service Provider (ISP) to determine Roku error 009.

Advanced Action

Start advance connection monitoring to solve the problem.

  • Examine the connection and then after that visit the Setting page and then from there open the Network page.
  • From the Network page tap the Check Connection alternative.
  • Now you need to perform two tests and these two tests will include checking the signal and network connectivity.
  • While checking the signal check whether you are utilizing the matching signal or not of not then select option that matches your services.
  • Then after that examine the wireless signal speed and strength, if in case it is poor then place a complaint or try to resolve the issue.

The measure mentioned in this blog can help you in fixing the Roku Error Code 009 if you are having any sort of issues then feel free to reach us or drop a query in the comment box.

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