3 Easy Troubleshooting Hacks To Get Rid Of Facebook Not Working


Dayen      September 5, 2020   

Whether on a desktop browser or Facebook app, you sometimes face Facebook Not Working problems. It is common trouble that so many Facebook users encounter when they try to access their accounts. However, facing these issues can be annoying, and hence, we want you to get rid of it quickly. For that, we have mentioned some effective troubleshooting measures through which you can handle it with care.

Why Is FB Not Working?

Below are the reason and solutions to your problems that you need to go through carefully. In the blog below, you will get to know all possible ways to deal with these hurdles effectively in no time.

Troubleshooting Approach 1:

Delete Cache And Cookies From Your Web Browser:

First of all, you should clear cache and cookies from the web browser that you use to access your Facebook account.  Besides, you should make a habit of clearing out Facebook caches, temporary files, and history files from time to time. The system that you use will help you to resolve Facebook Not Loading problems automatically within the least time frame.

Troubleshooting Approach 2:

Make Sure Your Internet Connection Is Showing Any Interruption:

Sometimes, Facebook not working problems take place with similar other problems while you work on Facebook. In most cases, it generally happens due to poor internet connection or network issues. If the signal is too weak, you might come across some sort of known and unknown Facebook Not Working problems. What you need to do is to try using another stronger Wi-Fi. Further more, you can also consider disconnecting the network and rejoining the same network to improvise the power of an internet connection.

Troubleshooting Approach 3:

Insufficient Memory Can Cause Such Problems:  

To handle the problems of Notifications Not Working On Facebook, you should check the memory capacity of your device. If you find insufficient memory available on your mobile phone, you might face such kind of problem with your Facebook account. If the memory capacity of your mobile device is less than 100MB, you should first clear out space. For that, you can remove some unnecessary apps, videos, and or images. In this way, you will be able to allow the Facebook app to work without any hassle.

Why Is Facebook Not Working On My Phone?

To get rid of Facebook not working on a mobile phone, you should check the following troubleshooting measures.

  • Check to see if your Facebook application is up to date.
  • Log out and then regain access to your Facebook account.
  • You should consider removing third-party plug-ins and applications from your mobile phone.
  • Resolve if there is a problem with your Internet connection.

By implementing these basic troubleshooting methodologies, you will get rid of Facebook Images Not Loading problems. Furthermore, if you are seeking a help provider if you are not able to handle such problems, don’t worry. In such a case, you should approach Facebook troubleshooting professionals as quickly as possible.

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