How to get a refund for a pending transaction due to the “Cash app won’t let me send money” issue?


Dayen      July 22, 2020   

The most common issue that all the Cash app users once face while using this application is the transfer failed issues. These issues are so common that about 5% of transactions are failed daily on the Cash app. Initially, there are a few reasons for transfer failure. But as the users and transactions are increasing. The rate of failed payment is also increasing at the same pace. Also, experts are inventing various new reasons behind it. Let us know about some major reason for Cash app transfer failure:

Cash apps won’t let me send money for my protection:

Only a few customers know that the Cash app records all your transactions and personal information saved on this application. The main purpose to track this information is the safety of users. Whenever the Cash app detects something wrong with payment or account then the server will automatically cancel the payment. So, if you are thinking that why the Cash app won’t let me send money then it is to protect you from frauds.

Even though after keeping so much of trans sometimes hackers find their way to trick you. So, if you have already sent money to the wrong person then you can block that account immediately. We have also found that most of the fraud victims receive fake links before the scam happens. So, if you have received any such link then do not click on that link. In spite, you can report about that link to get it jammed immediately.

Moreover, sometimes when you make a wrong transaction the payment goes to the pending stage. In such cases, you get to see payment pending status instead of payment failed. Customers can check the payment status from the activity tab in the mobile application. If your payment status is pending, then you can cancel it following the below steps.

  • Launch Cash App on your device.
  • Go to the Activity tab.
  • Locate the payment that you want to cancel or that is showing pending.
  • Click on the payment.
  • Tap on the “…” available on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the “Cancel a Payment”.
  • Press “OK” to confirm the cancellation.

Moreover, if you do not find a cancellation option then you have to contact the support team to process a refund to your payment. Also, you can contact them to get more information on why the Cash app won’t let me send money for my protection.

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