How do I create a second FB account with the same phone number?


Dayen      October 7, 2020   

We can see a huge requirement and application of Facebook. Whether you want to chat with friends, connect with others, or to do online business, FB provides you the right platform to reach a wider audience. While using FB, you might face some technical problems related to 2 Facebook accounts creation. Can I use the same number for different FB accounts? Can I get a second FB account? Well, these are some common queries that might bother you a lot. If these questions are reported by FB users then there’s the only way to fix them is contacting the technical experts.

Can I make 2 Facebook accounts with the same mobile number?

Technically, FB doesn’t allow the users to create multiple accounts on FB with the same number. If are creating a new FB account with the same number then you’re your FB old account will get removed. You must not have linked your same number with any of the FB accounts. If this happens then your old FB account will get automatically removed. This means using one phone number you can have only one FB account.

If you want to create multiple Facebook accounts then you are needed to focus on creating a different email address. As per Facebook’s security and policy, no one is allowed to create various accounts. In case you are registering for a second account with the same IP address then there will be a need to verify yourself through the mobile phone and the SMS code.

Can I have a second Facebook account?

Many users create multiple or 2 Facebook accounts but these accounts will get removed after some time if the FB will run its fake account check. A second account can only be created if you are providing a different email address or a phone number. Without a phone number, you can create multiple FB accounts through email addresses.

In this kind of confusion, you can ask for Facebook support from the experienced technical engineers of the support team. If you are stuck with the technical urgencies, think of connecting with the experts at any time of the day. The users will be guided and instructed with instant solutions to the woes. The FB technical consultants and professionals are always there to provide you with immediate technical help. Can you have 2 Facebook accounts? They’ll guide you with all the proper instructions to resolve the problem.

How does Facebook know if you have multiple accounts?

The sign up on the FB can be done easily with your phone number and email. The real problem starts when you want to create 2 Facebook accounts with the same phone or email. But, doing this is tricky and not possible according to the FB policy and standards. The user name, email address, IP address, and phone numbers will let FB know that you’re creating multiple accounts. These data will match from their database and you’ll get a message that this phone number or email address is already registered.

If users want to create multiple accounts on FB then they can do this by using a different email and phone number:

  • At first, you will have register for a second email address on any emailing service. You can sign up on the email to create a new FB account.
  • Navigate to the Facebook homepage, tap on sign up, and then fill in the required fields for the sign-up process.
  • Here, you’ll have to enter an email address that you have created and is not used to with any Facebook account.
  • To complete the steps, just tap on the “Sign up” button

If the users are looking for some technical aid for multiple account creation then consider talking to the team of Facebook customer support. Instantly, users will be provided with the best possible solution and answers from the experts.

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